What are anti-wrinkle injections?

The role of anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections is to relax wrinkle-causing muscles, thereby softening and preventing the development of expression lines, creating a smooth and rejuvenated appearance.

Anti-wrinkle injections contain a purified protein which has over a 20 year clinical safety profile, and has been used to treat more than 20 million cosmetic patients worldwide.

Prior to its use in the aesthetic cosmetic industry, the product that we use to soften lines and smooth wrinkles has been used to effectively treat many different types of disorders, such as Blepharospasm (uncontrolled eyelid twitching), Cervical Dystonia (spasmodic movement of the neck & shoulders), as well as to relieve the muscular tension associated with Cerebral Palsy and Stroke. It is a wonder drug!

The Anti-wrinkle injectable product has a reputation for being a well-studied and safe medication, which is administered only by experienced medical practitioners.

Which areas can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections?

Frown Lines

Botox Anti-Wrinkle Injections - Frown Lines
Anti-wrinkle injections may be used to relax the frown lines between the brow, often seen when concentrating or squinting.

Horizontal Forehead Lines

Anti-wrinkle injections help soften the horizontal lines on the forehead are caused by the contraction of the Frontalis muscles when raising the brows. 

Crow’s feet

Anti-wrinkle injections help to polish the crow’s feet or laugh lines around the eyes.

Nasal bridge

Anti-wrinkle injections help soften the bunny scrunch across the nasal bridge, usually as a result of squinting and smiling.

Lip Lines

Anti-wrinkle injections help soften the vertical lip lines which are activated when talking, eating and drinking.


Anti-wrinkle injections help to open the eyes by relaxing the muscles responsible for brow positioning and lift.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections can help soften contraction of the chin and extend the jaw line.

Corners Of The Mouth

Anti-wrinkle injections can relax the downward contraction of the corners of the mouth, eradicating a sad expression and contributing to a tighter jawline.


Anti-wrinkle injections can eradicate gummy smiles and relax the effect of a disappearing top lip on smiling.

Any other areas can be discussed on consultation.


BOTOX® is primarily used as a treatment for  facial lines, that have been caused by dynamic muscles movements that are involved when we perform common expressions, such as frowning, raising the eyebrows and smiling.  As such, it can be used on a number of different areas of the face, including the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eye, mouth and neck.

On average. the effects usually last for 3-4 months after the initial treatment, but some patients who have had repeated treatments for over a year have found that the results can last longer than this.


  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to treatment to minimise the risk of bruising.
  • Schedule your appointment at least 1 week before an important occasion or special event to allow any localised bruising to subside.


The side effects related to wrinkle-relaxing injections are minor, however there can be some local swelling  around the injected area that usually last up to an hour after treatment. Up to 10% of patients experience a minor headache after treatment. Your cosmetic specialist will explain these in more detail during your consultation and will be happy to give you some advice if you have any concerns.


Most patients find that the injections cause only mild temporary discomfort. Immediately after the injections there may be mild swelling that usually subsides within 24-48 hours. Application of ice for a few hours after treatment will help reduce any swelling.

  • Topical anaesthesia can be applied for minor discomfort of injections
  • Before and after pics will be taken for comparison at check up.
  • Consent forms and medical questionnaire completed
  • Minor pin prick marks last for short period after injection


  • Avoid straining, heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for 4-6 hours following treatment. 
  • Do not bend over or lie down for 4-6 hours following treatment.
  • The treatment can take from 2-14 days to take full effect. We arrange a review appointment 2 weeks after your treatment to discuss whether the desired outcome has been achieved.
  • Try to avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do not expose the area to excessive sunlight or heat until any initial swelling and redness has been resolved. Proper and frequent use of sunscreen is always important (SPF 30 or more).
  • Avoid squeezing or massaging the area for several hours afterwards as this could subtly change the results.
  • If you have swelling apply a cold compress to the area for 5-10 minutes every hour.
  • Should you suffer any adverse side effects (as detailed on the patient consent form) please contact us immediately.



At Rejuvenation MediSpa, your well-being is our main priority, especially when it comes to the results of your treatment.

We understand that even the smallest change can make a big difference to the way you feel & it is therefore important to know you can rely on every detail being taken into account. This is why we are here to listen to your needs, advise and support you every step of the way.